Sweet Pickle


Sweet Pickle is available for Birthday Parties, Picnics, and all happy occasions in the Northern Virginia area. When Sweet Pickle comes to your party or special event, you can expect: Games, Magic, Music, Face Painting, Balloon, and More.

At birthday parties Sweet Pickle performs a 20-30 minute comedy magic show which amazes kids of all ages. The show can be followed by games, balloons, or face painting.



Sweet Pickle enjoys playing games. She has a variety of games for the children to play at parties, such as musical plates, the hot chicken and the plunger game. All of these games are played to fun music which make the games even more entertaining.

face painting

Face Painting

Sweet Pickle is an experienced face painter. Face painting is a fun addition to any party or special event. Kids and adults love to have their faces painted. Painting beautiful designs on children's faces is very rewarding and Sweet Pickle gets a lot of pleasure seeing the smiles and amazing looks when the child looks in the mirror. Sweet Pickle specializes on painting full faces using safe and tested paints created especially for face painting purpose. NEVER allow your children to be painted with acrylic paints, tempera paints, colored markers meant for use on paper or any other product that was not specifically designed to be used and worn on the face.

Glitter Tattoos

Sweet Pickle can bring glitter tattoos to your next event. Glitter tattoos are a new temporary tattoo that can last for several days. They are available in a variety of designs and colors. They use cosmetic grade glitter and a glue similar to the glue used in bandages. They are great for teens who may think they are too old for face painting or for pool parties and other events where face painting is not an option.


Balloon Sculptures

Sweet Pickle is an experienced balloon twister. Balloons are a fun addition to any party or special event. Making and creating balloon sculptures is something Sweet Pickle enjoys tremendously, such as a fantastic monkey straddling a banana, or a cute penguin. Let's not also forget the popular horse or unicorn. Her butterflies are the cutest and you should see the lady bug bracelet! Sweet Pickle has many, many more sculptures, too many to mention here. You'll just have to invite her to your birthday party to see them all.